Mindfulness in Business, Schools and Healthcare Services

Mindfulness Programs start from one hour to one year – for students, staff and managers.  These programs give you the skills to integrate school/work/life; navigate life’s ups and downs; and focus on what’s really important.

Need a hint?

It’s all about giving people a break from the 60-70,000 thousand thoughts a day that are often untrue and unhelpful. By introducing a ‘hint’ of mindfulness, particularly through a focused meditation technique,  you can see how good life can be. Freedom from anxious and stressed feelings allows us to enjoy our moment to moment life more. It also opens us up to be able to focus on what’s important and clears our minds allowing creativity to develop.

BUSINESS:  Mindfulness and soft skills training are combined in an innovative new way. Through experiential training, learners are taught skills that improve resilience, reduce stress, focus the mind  and improve overall wellbeing.

SCHOOLS: There are student and teacher PD programs available.  A variety of age appropriate programs for students include study programs, boarders programs, and peer support programs.

HEALTHCARE:  There are various workshops available for Health Care Service Providers and their staff. These can be offered as part of Professional Development programs or can be included within annual Wellbeing Initiatives.

Workplace Wellbeing Audits and Mindful Risk Management are systems developed  to address the continuous improvement of employee mental wellbeing and risk management at work. They are a recommended first step for organizations planning to take a mindful approach seriously.

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