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To overcome the fear of the unknown is often hard to do, especially when you’re travelling to unfamiliar places. I am writing this while I am in Guangzhou, China on a three week teaching gig. I speak very little Cantonese, no Mandarin and I’m not sure my body language is all that crash hot.

Last weekend I thought I’d brave a trip 500kms away by myself. Very few Chinese people are confident enough to say they speak English (even if just a little) as they are afraid of being judged. So I knew this venture was going to be a challenge.

I had a little panic attack on my way to the bullet train. How would I find the departure gate?, How long was the queue to board the train? Did I leave enough time? How could I collect my ticket from the station? How was I going to manage a whole 3 days by myself??

I won’t say I arrived in plenty of time, but I did have 20 minutes before the train left. I was already feeling frazzled. So I did the best most productive thing I could. I meditated for 13 minutes (I still had to find the right carriage and the right seat!)

So as you can probably guess I got my train and everything went well. It is wonderful for me to recognize time and time again how such a little amount of time can do such a big amount of good especially when you need it. Ideally one ought to strive for 30 minutes a day meditating but even just a few minutes can be a great help.

So whenever you’re feeling a bit frazzled even if you can only manage a couple of minutes, try and have a meditation. Good luck!



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