Absenteeism and Motivation

Lack of motivation is often cited as a root cause of absenteeism and absenteeism (Presenteeism) is one of the current challenges facing Australian business today. Costs to the economy were estimated at $34.1 billion in 2011.

If you will, ponder for a minute or two the following questions

What is the annual cost to your organization of absenteeism?

Do your attendance management policies include work/life balance policies?

What role do you believe motivation plays in your company’s absenteeism statistics?

How often do you assess the effectiveness of your attendance management policies?

How do you collect feedback on wellbeing initiatives in the workplace?

If you are truly concerned about the cost of absenteeism along with staff wellness why not consider one of our courses for your staff?  Meditation, when practiced regularly, re-connects people to the here and now.  It offers people time out, just for themselves.  A great gift for a busy life! There’s no doubt that feeling grounded and present makes people happier, open and more motivated!

Hopefully progressive companies will be ready to give their staff access to a gift of and for a lifetime.  A gift that they can use anywhere, anytime to re-connect with life as it should be. And why not bring it to employees in a workshop form that is accessible and measurable?

Contact me now if you would like to know how you can give you staff skills to stay motivated.