Here is a list of the various three hour workshop topics that are on offer, all incorporating some elements of well-being and mindfulness.

Introduction to Mindfulness. This workshop gives an introduction to the science and benefits of mindfulness. It shows a range of easy to learn techniques and best practice approach to establishing a more mindful way of being. It includes a short meditation practice and gives tips on where to go from here. References and web links will be provided.

Using Mindfulness to help with Stress /Anxiety. This workshop focuses on dealing specifically with managing stress/anxiety using a range of techniques. It includes a short meditation practice and gives tips for quick and easy ways to manage feeling overwhelmed. References and web links will be provided.

Mindfulness and Procrastination. This workshop covers common causes behind procrastination and offers tips to overcome it. The impact of work/life balance on procrastination is examined. It includes a short meditation practice and gives practical strategies to put in place at home and work. References and web links will be provided.

Mindful Eating.  This workshop covers eating mindfully. It discusses how, by eating mindfully, one is more likely to make better food choices, eat less, and generally enjoy the experience of eating more. Attendees will have the opportunity of eating a mindful snack and will know how to encourage mindful eating for themselves and their families.


Managing Your Well-being at Work. This workshop covers how staff can take positive steps to manage their own well-being at work from examining their own workspaces to communal areas. They can learn tips to create a more positive working environment.

Well-being Inclusivity Initiatives at Work.  Workplace inclusivity encourages emotional well-being in the workplace. This workshop aims to build a workplace that employees are happy to go to. A broad range of initiatives will be outlined that involve colleagues, managers and the local community. Attendees will be able to develop a list of activities they can initiate at work.

Emotional Well-being Audit (for Managers).  Emotional well being is paramount for a productive and healthy workplace. Managers will develop basic checklists enabling them to monitor staff emotional well-being. The purpose of this audit is to prevent emotional well-being issues from escalating, and for managers to be able to offer a range of support options for staff.


My background as a marketing consultant lead me to develop a couple of training packages related to that.  Although this is not mainstream marketing training I feel it is something that will catch on as the nature of marketing is changing and marketers need to be mindful of that.  So far I have come up with the following workshops (please email me for more info).

 Dealing with Customers Mindfully 

Authentic Marketing Communications





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