Mindfulness in May for Me

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Yesterday was the first day of May and the start of my month long commitment to the Mindful in May Project (MIM).  MIM is a non-for-profit organisation hoping to raise enough money to provide fresh water wells for third world countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia. From my end all i have to do is meditate for a minimum for ten minutes a day and try to promote the benefits of mindful meditation.  That doesn’t sound too difficult does it?

For me with a background in marketing,  promoting it won’t be hard.  I do it all the time anyway! The other part ought to be easy too, after all  it’s only for 10 minutes in a day of 24 hours. Ah haa but herein lies a problem for many people….finding that ten minutes – any ten minutes to do ‘that thing’ you’ve been meaning to get around to for way too long!!.

Sometimes it just won’t be found because we don’t consciously set aside that time. Perhaps because we don’t really WANT to do ‘that thing’ or it doesn’t feel important enough. But the fact that there seems to be something that reminds us that we ought to do it can”t be ignored. It will keep coming back to remind us years after it first entered our heads.

So I believe that the trick is to accept that 1) you don’t really want to do it OR to just do it (as they say.) Since returning from a 5 week stint in Europe last week, I have absolutely AMAZED myself by the amount of those nagging ten minute things that have been haunting me for ages that I have done.  And it feels sooo good!!

I think a combination of jet lag and readjusting back to a different time zone has opened up a new way of being for me and I have been making the most of it. You may not be able to travel to the other side of the world for 5 weeks but you may be able to experience a different way of being that will open up new opportunities and makes you feel good….it’s called meditating and you can do it right now if you click onto Need a Hint’s Resources Page.!! Have fun!


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