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Avoid Looming Anxiety and Depression Through Easy Stress Management

A unique offering from a new business, Need A Hint, aims to provide an easy five step way to reduce stress at work at any time or anywhere one chooses. The ten minute technique, aimed at getting you ‘in the zone’ or grounded in the present, is based on a mindfulness practice called Focusing. Mastering the skill of being present in the moment through regular practice, means you are able to free your mind (and relax your body) from the negative effects of overwhelming stress. The  uniqueness of the business comes as mindfulness skills are incorporated into typical management skills training programs. This facilitates the learning experience and allows people to deal with their stress while they’re at work.

“Unfortunately mindfulness is often seen as some fluffy new-age thing used as a last resort by people overcoming crises in their lives. But our research along with other more in depth scientific findings proves it decreases stress and de-clutters the mind. We aim to promote mental wellness at work and normalise mindfulness by instilling it in all our programs,” says Principal Trainer Sarah Salas.

“Stress costs Australian businesses over $10 billion dollars per year. We don’t want to see a large rise in depression and anxiety disorders as a direct result of stress in the workplace as predicted in the latest Committee for Economic Development of Australia forum. This is basically a risk management issue that needs to be addressed by management.”

Mindfulness programs at work often mean an optional lunchtime meditation class  – mostly attended by those familiar with the practise. “We want mindfulness practise to be seen as a more widely acceptable and accessible way to improve staff wellness. We believe the soft skills training that we offer will be far more effective when people’s minds are clear and focused in the moment.”

Training is best done at the start of the working day so it won’t compromise the effects of being grounded in the present which is facilitated at the start of each session. We expect that people may get waylaid by work pressures if sessions are later in the day or after work. The business aims to run 12 – 15 hour courses over consecutive days or weeks to reinforce the practice and its benefits and to integrate mindfulness into the workplace.

Sarah has been a trainer at RMIT, Box Hill IET, the Law Institute of Victoria and other businesses for over fifteen years.  She was introduced to Focusing five years ago and has since undertaken four levels of training with Focusing Australia.”It (Focusing) really helped me deal with the stress …(of losing four close family members in three years.) It’s so accessible and easy. You can do it anywhere at anytime and get great results.”

The name Need a Hint was chosen because it alludes to ‘something’ that one should know but is a bit elusive (like living from the here and now). It’s also something that’s obvious (the simplicity and beauty of being in the moment) but often overlooked. We chose a bird for our logo as the expression ‘a little bird told me…’ ties in (hopefully) with the easy to remember name, Need a Hint!


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