Please feel free to listen to the  following meditations to guide yourself into a state of being present in the moment.  If at any time you feel your mind is taking charge (again!) gently try bringing your awareness back to your feet, noticing their connection with the floor and the sense of support that comes with that.

Please understand that becoming present in the moment is an art that takes time, especially if you have an active mind! If you find yourself thinking during the meditation all you need to is just acknowledge that your mind is active and tune in again to the voice in the recording.



This 10 minute attunement (bellow) helps to get  you more grounded by sensing into the support of the environment around you as you listen to this.  It is a gentle and relaxing way to unwind and freshen your body and mind

A five minute breathing meditation (bellow) is a fast way to get out of your head and into the present moment.

Try this 10 minute body scan meditation (bellow). It will show how focusing on your physical state of being will allow your mind to quieten and your body to relax.

A Body Brain Breath meditation (bellow) is a fast way to check how you are feeling/doing/being at a particular point in time.  It gets you in touch with the whole of you quickly and is a good start for settling yourself into whatever you have planned next!