Need a Hint’s structured coaching programs are mindful-centric, allowing trust, empathy and authenticity to unfold within the sessions.  This unfolding of self-awareness brings a uniqueness and an enriched sense of self to participants.  It often fosters a desire to explore these attributes more fully in dealing with others and sets the tone for the development of a truly authentic leader.

All programs are structured for on-the-job practice and are suitable for one-on-one or small group learning.

Most of the following Focus Topics require between 4 – 8 sessions, usually 4. Session lengths run from one to one and a half hours according to the depth and progress of the session.


Focus Topics
  • Understanding the ‘true’ agenda of colleagues
  • Managing Meetings
  • Inspiring loyalty and trust
  • Authentic leadership
  • Enliven your organization
  • Fostering creativity and innovation