Course 3:  Stress Management

his course is aimed at reducing stress and absenteeism at work. By the end of the course participants will be able to recognise their early warning signs of stress.  They will develop personal stress Action Plans as well as best practice methods on how/when to implement them. They will learn how to become more productive through being grounded in the present.

UNIT 1   Navigating Conflict
Getting grounded and sensing for unexpressed concerns
Getting a feel for both sides of the story
Creative solution-making
Meditation focusing on inner body sensations

UNIT 2   Finding a New Perspective on Time
Sensing into realistic goals
Focusing on blockages that hold you back
Using habits and rituals as guiding posts
Meditation focusing on your immediate environment

UNIT 3   Locating the Positive in a Challenging Environment
Maintaining a sense of ‘self’
Acknowledging the challenge
Locating the ‘handle’ to keep yourself grounded
Meditation focusing on ‘pausing’

UNIT 4   Seeing How Feeling Effective Energises Your Day
Sensing into the feelings of being challenged vs feelings of having achieved
Recognising where your personal energy comes from
Self evaluated effectiveness
Being grounded and focusing on your immediate and extended environments

UNIT 5   Freedom From Feeling Overloaded
Acknowledging ‘overloaded’ and what it does and means.
Grounded awareness of the feeling of freedom from ‘overloaded’
Strategies to unload the load
Attunement focusing on ‘unpacking’

This course runs for 15 hours and can be scheduled to fit with individual organisations’ needs ie run over 2.5 (consecutive or non consecutive) days or five 3 hour workshops.

Individual Units may also be taken and run for 3 hours each.  Each Unit can also be broken down into two 1.5 hour workshops, which, when run on separate days, reinforces the practice and the benefit of grounded presence.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of each Course and can be used for Professional Development points or to demonstrate acquired skills. Each participant of the full course (all 5 Units) will receive a personalised ten minute recorded attunement to facilitate clearing the mind and being in the present moment.

Workshops are designed to appeal to different learning styles and may incorporate interactive powerpoint presentations, case studies, role plays and group discussions.