Simple steps of focusing meditation

The mindfulness technique used in the training comes from Focusing. I have undertaken training (Levels 1 – 4 via Focusing Australia as well as two Wholebody Focusing workshops in 2012 and 2013) and have been regularly practising Focusing for years. I take a simple approach for all training programs that consists of three steps.

1) Becoming Grounded.

I spend about ten minutes doing an ‘attunement’ which is a process that guides you into being away from your thoughts and into your body.

2) Becoming Self Aware

The guided attunement aims to bring your awareness into your body so that you are aware of the whole of you. You become aware of your feet, your toes, your calves etc. From this experience often there is a feeling of “Now why haven’t I ever done this before..paid attention to my feet, my toes….etc?”

3) Pausing with the Felt Sense

As you become more self aware of all the parts of your body that make the whole of you, you may become aware of a particular feeling somewhere in your body. Here we suggest you pause awhile with that feeling, trying to get a sense of it. Does it feel familiar? Why is it there? And then I suggest you gently acknowledge that feeling as being part of how you are in this moment of grounded presence.

Please feel free to experience a taster of becoming grounded in the moment by watching this video…