Skeleton Staff Hide in Closets

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Last Saturday I had a teaching gig on “Planning an Online Business” and was looking forward to it even though it has been some months since I last taught. I must admit I was a tad nervous, so got myself well and truly ready 2 days before. (Pre-planning is MOST unusual for me,  but it felt good not leave anything to chance.)

Yes… I do see the irony of a non-planner teaching planning…but as I often say “even the best laid plans…” and in this case I was right. What I’d forgotten until I was lying in bed the night before was I’d lost my number one set of keys months ago. These had  1) the room key, 2) the Teacher’s Cupboard key (for the roll, notes, handouts and (GASP) the student’s Certificate of Completion) on it as well as house and car keys.

Teaching on a Saturday is problematic (skeleton staff only and they all seem to hide in closets when you are looking for them.) I started to feel the panic rise….I could hear my head telling me that I was going to have a REALLY bad day because I wasn’t going to get any sleep now.  Where the hell could I teach them without a classroom?? What about the overhead data presentation??? What about their goddam certificates??? They’d paid good money and I was going to let them down…noooooooooooo!!!!

….and then I said to myself  “stop it …stop it…stop it…” I took several long slow breaths and I started to slow down.”Is this life threatening?” I asked myself. “No.” Another breath, long and slow. “Do you want to have a good night’s sleep?….Yes” Another long slow breath. I felt my comfy pillows and blankets and my body embedded into the mattress.  Nice. “No.  It’s not the end of the world. Maybe I can teach them in the canteen (there were only 4 students) , it would be quiet on Saturday, or even in the library.  I could take my laptop and show the slide show on that…and the TAFE could post out the Certificates of Completion.

The slowing down and calming the mind allowed me to put things into perspective. It was not the end of the world.  We could and would manage. Things were starting to fall into place and that pillow was feeling softer, the mattress deeper, the bed warmer, my body heavier ………

For a taster of what it feels like to slow down,  please visit the Resources Page


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