In October 2015 I delivered PD training for teachers at a special needs school in Brighton, UK.


Downs View Link College, Brighton

The presentation included exercises, practices and take away resources. Survey results after the session showed 91% found the information presented as ‘extremely useful’ and 100% were ‘quite likely’ to ‘extremely likely’ to use some of the skills presented. (Roughly 50% had heard of mindfulness before and around 25% had never meditated before.)


Downs View Downs View Link College Brighton, October 2015

Post session feedback comments:

“Thank you it was a wonderful introduction. I will definitely be taking up the practice.”

“Thank you so much. I really needed this today in particular. I will try and use some of these techniques regularly.”

“I enjoyed myself!”

“I enjoyed this session and am considering continuing group sessions to go forward with this practice.”

“Thank you!”

“….I find it very difficult to make time for myself. I will definitely try after this. Thank you.”

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