The New Normal

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Many of us are trying to adjust to a new way of living and working. Our worlds have been changed in the way we never could have imagined and it is bringing a lot of unfamiliarity and stress.

Places we would ordinarily have gone to to have fun, destress, and relax are no longer available to us. We are being forced into confined spaces which is not a natural way of being.

Simple activities like leaving home to travel to a workplace, which may have felt mundane once upon a time, is now something we would really look forward to. Choosing whether to sit at our desk and eat our lunch or go to a local cafe and pick something up are now not available options.

For me one of the most difficult things is dealing with human interactions at home. The impact COVID-19 is having on us is unsettling and there is a certain fragility hanging in the air which can be unlocked at a moment’s notice and cause upset.

So far I have been managing this as best I can through focusing on my breathing. I’m trying very mindfully to not react to situations that would get me going by taking in a deep breath.  As I inhale I reflect that we are all in this tough time together and as I exhale it feels like the load slightly shifts from my shoulders. By giving space between a comment that might get me going and my reaction, I see my emotions soften and my reaction does as well.

Each morning I write my intention for how I want to be in the day down on a piece of paper. It sets the tone of my day for which I am very grateful. My intention for yesterday was to notice my breathing. And I did notice my breathing a lot more than usual and I think it’s because of this intention.

My intention for today was is to do things with enjoyment, and as I was feeling quite energised as I wrote it down  Now I am typing this blog while still in my pyjamas and in bed… And I am enjoying it! So here’s hoping that you can bring awareness to your breath and set a positive intention for your day.



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