Travellers – Beware About Squeezing Too Much In!!

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I am a traveller.  I love to be on the move and would rather drive the long way around than have to wait for any length of time in traffic.  When I was born I’m told it was a quick delivery, like I was in a rush to get going, even then.

So it’s no real surprise to find myself 1500kms away from ‘home’ today only a week after coming back from another holiday, which was 500kms away.

As a happy traveller I often find there are many emotions that come into play before you finally land your head on your destination pillow – excitement, uncertainty, stress, frustration, impatience, boredom to name a few.

I am now realizing that by trying to really squeeze the juice of my life like a lemon, and make every moment count, that I am doing myself a disservice. That’s mainly because I usually adopt the ‘just in time’ method to make connecting trains/taxis/flights or busses, with little room for error (or indeed the unexpected.)  It’s brilliant when it goes smoothly (mostly) but it costs a lot of adrenalin.

The result of expending lots of adrenalin is that the body needs to recover, and that eats into my holiday time!! So I’m glad to say I’m getting wiser. I’m leaving earlier and now have more time to sit in transit wherever that is.  I actually look forward to getting to that place ‘in transit’ so I can find myself a quiet spot to get truly grounded in the moment AND START MY HOLIDAY BEFORE I GET THERE!!

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