The following testimonials are mostly from 14-15 year olds. The BBB and Breathing Cards are teaching aids I use in my training and can be purchased on this site.


I did the BBB and I felt calm afterwards and made me focused when I was studying

When I woke up relaxed me because I don’t like mornings. Prepared me for the day.

When I was a bit stressed about homework I did BBB and felt much more relaxed afterwards.

I did BBB on the tram when I was feeling tired it woke me up and I felt warm and happy inside.

Breathing Card:

I was nervous because I was next for my taekwondo exam but I did the Breathing Card quickly and it made me feel better.

The breathing card helped sort out all my mixed emotions.

I did the Breathing exercises before doing homework to help clear all those unnecessary thoughts.

I practiced the Breathing Card when I couldn’t sleep and I fell asleep straight afterwards.

After a stressful day the Breathing Card helped me calm down and fall asleep.

Breathing Card relaxed my body and cleared the many thoughts running through my mind. Helped me to fall asleep.

Made me feel safe and happy.

Beautiful, great, just great!

Mindful eating

I’m starting to really notice the texture in food. This opens a whole new dynamic of food.

Breathing card before dinner – ate more mindfully – enjoyed it more – felt it in my stomach

General Comments:

I could focus on my schoolwork better and got more done, to a higher standard, in a shorter period of time.

The exercises relax your body and keep you calm.

I did it before homework which helped me to settle into my work.

I did it before bed because I had a lot on my mind.

I did it before homework which I think made it easier for me to do.

I like doing these exercises because it relaxes me and after I do them I feel fresh.

That night I had a very deep sleep, as I woke up the next morning at 7am not feeling the slightest bit tired. I put that down to mindfulness.

I felt at peace with my life, my feelings and myself.

I felt very happy. I felt as though that moment was the only moment I cared about. I felt tingly and warm in my heart.

The Family and Mindfulness

I did them with my Mum and she loved it and said that it keeps you so relaxed.

This time I asked my Dad to do it with me and he also loved it.

I had my dad read out the card so that I could hear how somebody else’s voice relaxed me. I felt very serene afterwards and much more in time with my mind.

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